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cole mohr’s hand

so, I met cole mohr today… 
I was sitting in front of an ice cream store with my friend when I noticed a guy walking across the street with his friend. naturally, I was looking at his tattoos (I love them) and they looked so familiar… that’s when I realized they looked exactly like cole’s. obviously I have to find out if this is him, I mean c’mon once in a lifetime chance, so I run after him with my friend and after two blocks (yea this is so creep, I know) I become 99% sure this is him. so, once I figure it’s him I want to meet him and say hi, but for some reason I got so nervous. I ended up tailing him with my friend for another block to unpsych myself and “be cool” (I was totally unsuccessful) and finally got the nerve to run up to him and asked “are you by any chance cole…mohr….the model?” and he replied “yes, by chance, I am” and then I asked him for a picture and he obliged very kindly. he was so sweet and I wish I got to tell him how awesome I think his work is, but my brain legitimately turned into a potato. 
I’m kind of disappointed in myself because I always thought that if I met someone well known I wouldn’t lose my cool, because they’re just a human being, but this was so unexpected and he was my crush for a while… so I became mush ha. my eyes at some point definitely looked crazy because I was that excited ahah. so, yea this happened today
Ph: Zoomschwarz

Hi man 👋

Anonymous asked: Your blog is a serious health concern. I can't breathe. I'm never leaving. Fuck.

Ahahah I hope you’re still alive.

COLE MOHR at Exhibition A


COLE MOHR at Exhibition A

Hailing from Houston, Texas, one of our favorite bad boy inked models, Cole Mohr is now onto a creative new chapter. Inspired by the ever so present Americana in his hometown, his ‘Go ‘stros’ work references the process and durational aspect of tattooing, a practice which first sparked Mohr’s drawing style.

cole mohr Go 'stros art at exhibition a FashionDailyMag

Through its imagery and mark-making, Mohr plays with a tricolored field into individual…

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Cole. NYC. 2014.